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Content Submissions

To submit to our extras pool:
Send an email with your headshot, resume, and iO affiliation to with the subject “ATTN: EXTRAS”

Finished Videos:
To submit your finished video, send an email with your video and iO affiliation to with the subject “ATTN: VIDEO”, 3 minute duration, and cannot be posted on other locations previously.

Submit a Script
To submit your sketch script, send an email with your PDF script, iO affiliation, and a completed iOCN One sheet Pitch Template (link below), along with any needed details about your project to with the subject “ATTN: SCRIPT” PDF format and 4 pages or less. Preferred screenplay format.

If you’ve got a script you want to get made:
Download the iOCN Onesheet Pitch Template, fill it out, send it to us and we’ll give it a look!

If you’ve got a finished video sketch, web series, parody, music video, whatever! Please send it over our way  and we’ll give it a look!

Staff Writing Team

Email with the subject line ‘ATTN Writers Packet’
We have 1-2 in house writing teams that meet weekly to crank out great topical videos and well as bigger projects. We open up submission for these groups sporadically every few months. But please reach out anytime with your packet and join our mailing list to find out when we are seeking new writers!

Fimmakers / Crew Submission

Email with the subject line ‘ATTN Filmmaker/Crew’
We’re always seeking filmmakers and crew including: Directors, DPs, Editors, Sound mixers, gaffers, VFX artist, colorists, wardrobe and makeup artists etc.  Please get in touch, send us some links to your work and let us know how you want to get involved!

General Questions

Email with the subject line ‘ATTN General Question’
We’re always happy to talk to folks! HIt us up and let’s make something happen!

The Hive

A (4) month program with a live monthly video showcase designed to incubate independent video sketch groups into the iO Comedy Network Collective.

We help your video team make original content with our filmmaking gear, mentorship, industry professional guest lectures, iO access, and distribution/marketing via the iO Comedy Network. We run this program 3 times a year, with submission open in February, June, and October.

How To Submit

Already a performer at iO?

The iO Comedy Network is looking to make videos with your iO Harold team!

Get together with your team, go talk about joining over a cup of coffee, and then send your team info with the subject “ATTN:HAROLD”!

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